Aesthetic Procedures

Botox Cosmetic

An FDA-approved drug that minimizes facial wrinkles by preventing the muscles from contracting, BOTOX Cosmetic softens or reduces wrinkling to help you achieve a more relaxed, fresher appearance.

Facial Fillers

Facial fillers restore volume loss and fill creases to help eliminate wrinkles, sculpt, lift, and enhance facial contours as well as define and reshape your lips.

Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle management is an essential part of optimal health and well-being. A progressive change in habits can increase optimal health whether that progression is through decreasing or increasing lifestyle habits in small, manageable increments. The goal is sustainable changes that can be measured and observed and, overall, improves your sense of well being for the rest of your life. Lifestyle management can include, but is not limited to, stress and weight transformation, increasing activity, and improving sleep.


Nutritional assessments and intervention can help you reach your health, fitness and weight loss goals.  We will identify your nutritional habits (good and bad) and develop a personal dietary and supplementation plan that will optimize your health.

Stress Transformation

We offer assessment and management of cortisol functioning as well as onsite stress reduction interventions.  We also can assist you in learning to transform your stress using techniques such as guided imagery, meditation, and mindfulness.

Metabolic Detox

Metabolic Detox is a 10- or 28- day medically supervised detoxification program.

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